The brief for the 2017 Red Centre Nats uniform was to incorporate their latest branding and event artwork into a sports comfortable dress.

By using the client’s base colour (red) with stylised images of the Red Centre Nats cars taken from the main event artwork, this created the top image in the dress, and graphic elements of their indigenous ‘Red Centre’ theme was placed into the skirt hem space to create the overall dress print and theme which matched the event branding.

A jacket was added as the uniform was to be worn during the evenings when temperatures dropped.

The dress was made from a 4-way stretch fabric suitable for print sublimation called Subli-Cool.

Dress edges were coverstitch hemmed, a neck band was used to keep the neck line edge smooth without an exposed seam, and all internal seams were overlocked.

Fabric: Eclipse Textiles

Print Artwork: Black Dove Custom Sewing

Sublimation Print: Rhino Print Management